Newspaper Clippings: Sgt. Thad J. Watson and Sgt. Clarence E. Fisher

These clippings were passed down to me in an envelope containing a letter informing my grandfather’s family that he was missing in action. There are no notes explaining which newspaper these were taken from, nor the date of publication. It is probable that these were clipped from the newspaper published in Jackson Co., NC, where Daddy Thad’s family and the Fisher family lived.

The clipping about Daddy Thad gives incredible detail about him and my grandmother, Nanny.

Mrs. Thad J. Watson, Sr., has received word from War Dept. that her husband Sgt. Thad J. Watson, Sr., has been missing in action over Czechoslovaka since the 24th of Aug. Sgt. Watson had been stationed in Italy about three weeks when he was reported missing.

Sgt. Watson entered the service in September, 1943, and received his basic training at Keesler Field, Miss. He went to Gunnery school at Tyndall Field, Fla., where he received his wings last March. He was then sent to Westover Field, Mass., where he was found eligible for further training, and was sent to Charleston Army Air Field, in Charleston, S. C. Sgt. Watson went into combat as assistant radio operator in the nose turrent of a B-24.

Sgt. Watson and his wife, the former Miss Stella Martin of Raburn Gap, Ga., are both graduates of Glenville high school. Sgt. and Mrs. Watson made their home in Wilmington, until about a year before he went into service, and then they lived in Norton which was Sgt. Watson’s home. He is the son of Mrs. Etha Watson of Norton. Mrs. Watson and small son will live at Raburn Gap, until Sgt. Watson returns.

The small son was my uncle, Thad J. Watson, Jr.

I’m not sure why the item about Sgt. Fisher was clipped and saved. Perhaps these Fishers were friends of my grandfather’s family.

Mr. and Mrs. Sam Fisher of Glenville have received a telegram from the Secretary of War stating that their son, Sgt. Clarence E. Fisher, was killed in action on the seventh day of August in France.

He entered service August 18, 1941, and has been overseas since February, 1944. He served with the Infantry and took part in the Invasion of France.

Mr. and Mrs. Fisher have another son in service, Pfc. James C. Fisher, who has been in service since April, 1943, and has been serving with a Hospital Corps in New Guinea since March, 1944.

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