Wordful Wednesday: Thad and Junior, 1944

Thad and Junior (18 months)

This picture is of my father’s father, Thad J. Watson, Sr., with my father’s eldest brother, Thad J. Watson, Jr. For those of you who are wondering, the “J” is only an initial; it’s not a shortened version of any name.

My grandmother, Nanny, and I moved this picture from one photo album to another when I was a teenager. We left the caption, written by my grandmother, which stated that Thad Jr. was 18 months old at the time the picture was taken. That would make the approximate date of the photo June 1944, just two months before my grandfather died in a bombing run over Czechoslovakia, and about five months before the birth of my father.

4 Responses to “Wordful Wednesday: Thad and Junior, 1944”

  1. That’s very sad, sorry about that happening. At least you still have a photo of him, rather than not knowing what he looked like. Pictures are timesless, huh?

    Good story too.

  2. We have several pictures of him, and lots of stories, thanks to Nanny. She made sure my father and his brother (the one in the picture) knew the Watson side of the family. She even named a daughter by her second husband, Ned Burrell (aka Papa Ned), after Daddy Thad’s mother, Etha Mae Roberts Hudson Watson.

    Thanks for dropping by!


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