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April 23, 2013

Tombstone Tuesday: Other Stonecypher Markers, Stonecypher Cemetery, Rabun Co., GA

These markers are located next to William and Malissa V. Stonecypher’s graves on the far side of the cemetery from the parking area. For directions and information on William and Malissa’s markes, see Cemetery Sunday: Stonecypher Cemetery, Rabun Co., GA.

These three stones mark the graves of five infants, all children of V. T. and L. J. Stonecypher.

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January 4, 2013

Feature Friday: The Life and Times of C. J. Crunkleton

I keep waiting for someone to ask me why I included all the local and regional news in my book on Rabun County’s earliest newspapers, instead of only the obituaries and death notices as many compilers do.

No one’s asked, but I think it’s an important question, and my answer is this: Newspapers are, in and of themselves, an important resource outside of the fact that they can serve as a substitute for vital and court records. To demonstrate this, let’s look at excerpts from early issues of The Clayton Tribune and The Tallulah Falls Spray pertaining to a gentleman named C. J. Crunkleton.

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