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November 1, 2011

Tombstone Tuesday: Wesley and Nancy Rowland

Father / Mother
Wesley / Nancy
Rowland / Rowland
July 27, 1823 / Apr. 9, 1825
Aug. 18, 1874 / July 6, 1903
At Rest. / At Rest.

Wesley and Nancy are buried at Fouts Cemetery in Macon Co., NC. This photo was taken August 27, 2010.

Directions to the cemetery: From the corner of Harrison Ave. and W. Main St. in downtown Franklin, NC, go about 3.6 miles on Harrison Ave. Take a left on Iotla Church Rd. Go about 3 miles then turn right onto Judd Duvall Rd. Go about 2/10 mile. Turn right onto a dirt road (141) marked with a sign that reads “Fouts Cemetery.” This road goes around the cemetery, which is on top of the hill.