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August 20, 2010

FGS 2010 Conference, Day 3

Today was a long day. We left the hotel at 7:15 a.m. and didn’t return until after 8 p.m. Whew! Here’s an overview:

  1. The Five Civilized Tribes of the South and Their Genealogical Records by Russell P. Baker
  2. Planning ‘Reasonably Exhaustive’ Research by Thomas W. Jones
  3. “I’ll Fly Away”: Using Souther Church Records in Genealogical Research by Russell P. Baker
  4. African American Families: Using Manuscripts and Special Collections by J. Mark Lowe
  5. The Genealogical Proof Standard in Action by Elizabeth Shown Mills
  6. County Land Records by Christine Rose

Tom Jones and Christine Rose have many credentials which I have not added here, in part because their postnomials are as long as their names. But be aware that, like Mills and Lowe, they are Big Names in genealogy circles. I had never before had the honor of listening to lectures by Mr. Baker, but now that I know he’s on the lecture circuit, I will make a point of trying to attend another lecture in the future.

Also today was the APG luncheon, with guest speaker Elizabeth Shown Mills, and the War of 1812 reception, featuring Dr. George Schweitzer in full Minute Man regalia to raise awareness and funds for NARA’s War of 1812 pension digitization project. I could not find information on NARA’s site about this project, but to learn more about this records set see Genealogical Records of the War of 1812 by Stuart L. Butler

August 19, 2010

FGS 2010 Conference, Day 2

Today was a great day at the conference. The exhibit hall opened up with a wide variety of vendors and societies represented. Best snags: a free t-shirt from FamilySearch and a handful of free records guides from NARA. Today’s classes:

  1. Southern States Migration by David G. Dilts
  2. National Genealogical Society Luncheon with speaker Jeffrey L. Haines
  3. Poor? Black? Female? Slave? Southern Research Strategies by Elizabeth Shown Mills

The last class was two hours, and I have to say, the hype about Mrs. Mills is absolutely correct: her session was well worth the wait.

I skipped the last class so that I could return to the exhibit hall and study a BCG application portfolio.

Tomorrow is a full day, beginning with classes at 8 a.m., running through the APG luncheon (at which Mrs. Mills is the speaker), more classes until 6 p.m., door prize drawings until 7 p.m., and the War of 1812 reception to end the evening.

I apologize for the alphabet soup. As I was discussing with my research buddy and roommate for the conference, genealogists live in a world of acronyms, just like other fields do. Please click on the links to learn more about these wonderful resources.