It’s Here!

Yesterday, the mailman left a much anticipated surprise in my mailbox: the Fall 2013 issue of the Georgia Genealogical Society Quarterly, which contains an article I wrote, “Georgia’s Poor School and Academy Lists: An Upson County Case Study.”

The article is, loosely, a proof argument, the first one I’ve published. But it’s also a methodology. The key figure is Nettie (Alford) Jamerson, who was the daughter of Pierce Lewis Alford and Amanda (Jenkins) (Alford) Ansley. P. L. and Amanda lived in Talbot and Upson Counties, Georgia. Both died young and left no estates. Nettie’s death certificate listed two different people as her parents, and she was never located on a federal census prior to her marriage to Andrew McDonald Jamerson. So, what to do? The poor school lists were only part of the solution, but they were an important part.

As hard as I worked on this article, it still isn’t perfect. But I enjoyed researching and writing it, and I hope others find it useful.

The Alford and Jenkins families are not part of my own ancestry. Several years ago, when I still worked at the Rabun County Public Library, a co-worker and friend of the family, Jean Kelly, asked me to help her put together a family tree for her newly-born grandson. There was no hurry, she told me, as she wanted to wait until he was an adult before giving it to him. Sadly, Jean died before we could gather enough material to satisfy her needs. I have continued the work in honor of her memory, and hope to turn it over to her family at an appropriate time.

At the moment, I’m working on extending research into the Jenkins family. Long story short, I’m searching for one of Amanda’s siblings whose identity is unknown. I unfortunately don’t have a lot of time to work on this at the moment because of other duties, but I do hope to eventually publish this research, as I believe others will find it interesting.

6 Comments to “It’s Here!”

  1. Congratulations! I got my issue a couple of days ago—I’m looking forward to reading it!

  2. Great post. P.L. and Amanda are my gggreat grandparents. Warren Jackson, Nettie’s brother is my great great grandfather.

  3. Dawn
    My mother told me that Amanda’s Jenkins Alford was related to the Governor Jenkins that was briefly governor of Georgia in the civil war era.

  4. Dawn
    I have a document that my mother had that says that Amanda was also related to the Governor of Georgia in the post civil war era.

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