A Sunday Walk Around the Blogs

Stephanie West, an archaeology student at the University of West Georgia, is digging up swampland in Richmond Co., GA, along the Savannah River searching for clues to that area’s prehistoric settlements.

The Knitting Genealogist shares a fascinating look at a broken down brick wall in her family in Magenta Divine, which explores the generations-long involvement of these families in the wool industry.

Hoyt Bleakley and Joseph Ferrie have published the draft form of a paper titled Up from Poverty? The 1832 Cherokee Land Lottery and the Long-Run Distribution of Wealth. It should be noted that the reasons for distributing land in Georgia through a lottery system had nothing to do with helping the poor or distributing wealth, in and of itself. Instead, the system was undertaken because of earlier fraudulent practices, as the authors rightly explain. This paper should be very useful to genealogists who are concerned with the effects historical events had on their ancestors. Thanks to Harold Henderson for pointing it out.

Dave Lynch of 200 Years in Paradise has an interesting post Law & Order: Research & Proof in Genealogy, inspired by recent discussions in one of the groups studying Thomas W. Jones’ Mastering Genealogical Proof

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