A Sunday Walk Around the Blogs

Harold Henderson of Midwestern Microhistory ruminates on “Good enough” citations? We can do better.

The Concord Review’s blog featured an interview with Emma Scoble, whose paper on the Broderick-Terry Duel was published in the 2013 issue of The Concord Review. TCR is the only academic humanities journal dedicated to publishing exemplary work by high school students.

Colonial America’s oldest unsolved murder has now been solved. Forensic archaeologists at Jamestown, Virginia, have discovered the identity of skeletal remains unearthed in 1996. The remains are believed to be of George Harrison, who died in 1624 after a duel with Richard Stephens.


2 Comments to “A Sunday Walk Around the Blogs”

  1. Thanks Dawn – I enjoy your pointers to what is interesting in the blogs you follow 🙂

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