Feature Friday: “Will Go By the Hemp Route,” 1896

Source: The Gainesville [GA] Eagle, Thursday, January 2, 1896, page 3, column 2.

Will Go By the Hemp Route.

The Supreme Court having affirmed
the judgments of the Superior Court in
the case of the State vs. W. S. Keener for
the murder of Arizona Moore in Rabun
county, Judge Kimsey has resentenced
Keener to hang on the 17th instant at
Clayton. This will be the first legal ex-
ecution that has ever taken place in Ra-
bun, although no county in the State ex-
ceeds it in proportion to population for

In 2002, another researcher stumbled across related articles from The Toccoa Times, published in nearby Habersham County, that give some further details.

No Rabun County newspapers are known to be extant for this time period.

Arizona Moore was the daughter of John B. and Margaret M. (Hopper) Moore. Her sister, Algy Leona Moore, was killed by Keener on the same day that he killed Arizona, 23 June 1895. The two are buried in the Wolffork Baptist Church Cemetery in Rabun County.

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