Two Qs in the Mailbox

My reading material for today’s likely travels (to a yarn store in Franklin, NC, and the Kerby Cemetery in Rabun County) was supposed to be Revenuers & Moonshiners: Enforcing Federal Liquor Law in the Mountain South, 1865 – 1900 by Wilbur R. Miller (UNC Press, 1991). But two surprises were stashed in my mailbox this morning: the March 2013 issue of the National Genealogical Society Quarterly, and the Spring 2013 issue of the Georgia Genealogical Society Quarterly. So, of course, Miller’s book was set aside in favor of these new arrivals.

The latest issue of the GGSQ contains four feature articles, including a case study, “Proving the Parentage of Rebecca Hailes,” by Judith Bunn Brock, a certified genealogist; “First Baptist Church of Chamblee, Georgia, Cemetery” by Barbara Dover Brown, which includes a short history of the church and a list of interments; a continuation of transcriptions of Governor D. B. Mitchell’s 1812 letters by editor Elizabeth C. Snow; and this issue’s Technology Talk by Drew Smith, a discussion of Blogger for genealogists.

This issue also contains a review by Elizabeth Reynolds Moye of Rabun County, Georgia, Newspapers, 1894 – 1899. I was very pleased with her assessment, and hope the book lives up to her praise in the minds of others.

The NGSQ contained two welcome surprises in the form of articles by two of my favorite genealogists. Paul K. Graham contributed “A Family for Florence I. (Crouse) Nelson: Unraveling an Informal Adoption in Missouri or Indiana.” Michael Hait authored “The Parents of Thomas Burgen of Baltimore County, Maryland.” The third feature article was by Mara Fein, “Who was the Father of Henry Norton Jaynes of Indiana, Missouri, Ohio, and Virginia?” Reginald Washington’s article “‘When the Dark Days of War Had Passed’: An AME Church Petitions Congress” rounds out this small treasure trove.1

Both of the Qs were a welcome addition to this fine day.

* * * * *

1. Addendum: This is an Atlanta-area church, the Payne Chapel AME Church.

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