Thank You to the Genealogical Computer Society of GA

A huge and hearty thank you to the Genealogical Computer Society of GA, with whom I had the pleasure of speaking today. Y’all were a great group to visit with. Don’t forget to e-mail me if you have any lingering questions.

A special thank you to Don and Pat Thompson, who took me and my crew (Richard) to lunch afterward. We enjoyed speaking with y’all, and appreciated the thoughtful gesture.

There were a few topics we touched on, not part of the lectures but additional queries, that I wanted to follow up on for those of you who are interested.

Educational Opportunities
One subject discussed lightly at lunch concerned educational opportunities for genealogists. A list of many of the opportunities I recommended can be found on the Board for Certification of Genealogists‘ web site under Educational Preparation. I also use the web site Conference Keeper and read the blog Adventures in Genealogy Education to find additional opportunities.

Finding Professional Researchers
Several members asked questions about finding reliable professional genealogists to perform client work. Here are three sites I recommend for doing so: Board for Certification of Genealogists, Association of Professional Genealogists, and ICAPGen. If you need a more personal recommendation, please do not hesitate to e-mail me.

Citing Sources in RootsMagic
While we were discussing source citations and Elizabeth Shown Mills’ excellent work, Evidence Explained: Citing Sources from Artifacts to Cyberspace, Don mentioned that RootsMagic incorporates EE into its source citation models. Since I don’t use that particular software, I’m not much help, but Randy Seaver regularly posts about citing sources in RootsMagic on his blog, Genea-Musings.

Once again, thank you for having us. I look forward to speaking with y’all again.


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