A Sunday Walk Around the Blogs

Elizabeth Shown Mills has posted QuickLesson 16: Speculation, Hypothesis, Interpretation & Proof on Evidence Explained, the companion web site to her book of the same name. This woman’s mind is amazing.

Vivian Price Saffold has worked hard to gain support for the Georgia Archives, in part through her blog, Georgia Archives Matters, and can at last report a small victory: at the end of the 2013 session of the Georgia General Assembly, the Archives was budgeted $300,000 in funding for the upcoming fiscal year, slightly more than had been expected.

The National Genealogical Society, via Diane L. Richard at UpFront with NGS, announces a hands-on research week in Washington, D. C., to be held November 3 – 9 this year. The session is led by Craig Roberts Scott and Patricia Walls Stamm, and will include research at the National Archives and Records Administration, the Daughters of the American Revolution Library, and the Library of Congress. This one’s definitely a must-do!

Judy G. Russell has an epiphany regarding War of 1812 pension files, to every researcher’s benefit.

Happy Easter!


2 Comments to “A Sunday Walk Around the Blogs”

  1. I really appreciate the mention concerning the Georgia Archives. By no means did I accomplish anything by myself. Elizabeth Olson and I chaired an effort by the Georgia Genealogical Society. Members of GGS as well as members of societies across the state are to be commended for their hard word and diligence. One voice never would have been heard. The voices of many, however, made a difference.

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