A Sunday Walk Around the Blogs

I’m catching up on several weeks of blog posts and news articles with this one.

For those who are concerned about issues surrounding the Georgia Archives, Georgia Archives Matters has published a series of updates on legislation concerning funding and the possible move of the Archives to the University System of Georgia. Please read these posts and contact your state legislators in support of the Archives.

Dave Tabler of Appalachian History published an interesting story on a local-ish family, The Meaders Family of White County GA keeps pottery traditions alive.

Charlie of Carolina Family Roots shared some excellent tips on newspaper research and Chesterfield County SC research sources. If you’ve ever considered joining a lineage society, you might also be interested in his post, Pitfalls: Some Approved Genealogies Are Wrong.

Brenda Joyce Jerome of Western Kentucky Genealogy Blog discusses The Value of Researching Deeds.

Robyn at Reclaiming Kin shared an interesting post on the Legacy of the Rosenwald Schools.

Heather Rojo of Nutfield Genealogy published Photograph Friday ~ The Battle Road between Lexington and Concord. This area is definitely going on my travel bucket list!

Judy G. Russell, The Legal Genealogist, brings another look at the law, this time the the laws of the church. (When I read Judy’s blog, I’m nearly always struck with a Who’da thunk? change of perspective.)

And just in time for St. Patrick’s Day…

2 Comments to “A Sunday Walk Around the Blogs”

  1. So sorry to be so late in saying “Thanks” for mentioning my blog. (Twice, too). I just discovered this post

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