A Sunday Walk around the Blogs

I’m afraid I got a little carried away this week, but there were so many good posts and news articles!

Judi Scott writes about her week-long adventure at the Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy as a student in the Advanced Genealogical Methods track, led by Thomas W. Jones. I’m so jealous. But someday, I shall be that student. Oh, yes, I shall.

Trouble with the genealogical terminology in Judi’s post? Elizabeth Shown Mills’ QuickLessons can help sort that out.

Randy Seaver writes about Pinball Genealogy using an example of how he handles Ancestry.com hints. Randy’s inspiration for the post was DearMYRTLE’s post, The pinball approach to genealogical research, which was itself inspired by her time in Tom Jones’ Advanced Genealogical Methods track at SLIG. (Did I mention my envy?) The two debated this subject back and forth for several days after the initial posts. Be sure to read the follow-ups.

Sardis Methodist Church and Cemetery, located in the Buckhead community of Atlanta, have been listed in the National Registry of Historic Places.

For those following budgetary issues with the Georgia Archives, you may be interested in reading Vivian Price Saffold’s post Governor’s recommendation indicates small cut at Georgia Archives Matters. Judy G. Russell also discusses this on her blog, The Legal Genealogist. Sounds like we still have our work cut out for us!

Family History through the Alphabet is a new genealogy blogging meme for genealogists to share topics, heirlooms, stories, and so forth beginning with that week’s letter. Julie Tarr’s post on GenBlog for this week is Family History through the Alphabet – Books, an excellent listing of books available to genealogists both through the library or on the Internet, including a few less well-known resources.

But what happened to Marthy? by Michelle G. Taggart of A Southern Sleuth details a search for a distant relative, and the unexpected places the search led.

Michael Hait answers the question of When you find a document that may be about one of your ancestors, what do you do with it? His answer may surprise you!

New Hope Cemetery, an African American burial ground located near Franklin (in Macon Co., NC), was rediscovered by one of my son’s fellow Boy Scouts, Andrew Baldwin, who is in the process of cleaning it up. Way to go, Drew!

Ok, ok, just one more. (I know I’m running a little long this week.) On The Migration of Jacob Wiley Eudy over at Job’s Children, all I can say is, Wow! Look at those pictures!

Happy hunting!

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