Rise and Shine, Boys and Girls!

When I was young, my mother listened to the early morning radio program by Apple Savage every school day. Apple undertook the job of informing parents if school was in session or if it had been cancelled due to inclement weather. What school-aged child could forget the wilting dread brought on by Apple’s booming voice announcing, “Rise and shine, boys and girls! There will be school today!”

But, oh, the hope that rose when the Atlanta weatherman predicted snow for the northern counties on the evening news. The next day, early in the morning, how many children pulled the covers down past their ears, baring them to a chilly room in anticipation of hearing, “No school today in Rabun County! I repeat, there will be no school today!”

I hope you’re enjoying your eternal snow day, Apple, and looking down on your former school children with a smile.


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