A Sunday Walk Around the Blogs

Some interesting blog posts and news from around the genealogy world.

Jay Fonkert writes about Katharyn Fawkner and the Fountain of Youth. Poor Kate forgot how to count her years as she grew older. Of course, I don’t know a single woman who would ever fib about her age…

If you weren’t “doing genealogy” before the Internet, then you can get a good taste of what it was like through two posts from Randy Seaver at Genea-Musings: Genealogy Searching Then and Now – Part 1: Then (Pre-1999) and Genealogy Searching Then and Now – Part 2: Now (2013). If you’ve only ever researched your family on the Internet, then Randy’s post is especially pertinent, particularly his reminder that comparatively few records have been digitized and placed online.

At UpFront with NGS, Diane L. Richard poses the question, Do We Still Need Libraries? I agree with Diane. What do you think?

Elizabeth Shown Mills has a new QuickLesson online: QuickLesson 15: Plagiarism–Five “Copywrongs” of Historical Writing.

Happy hunting!

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