A Sunday Walk Around the Blogs

This past week, straddling the old year and the new, brought some interesting posts.

Kerry Scott of Clue Wagon‘s first post of the new year exhibits her usual no-nonsense wit with In Which I Assign You A New Year’s Resolution. Hint: It’s about merging family trees.

Judith Beaman Scott (no relation?) of Puzzles of the Past is Preparing for SLIG (Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy). I admit to some envy. She’s taking the Advanced Genealogical Methods track, which is on my list of education to-dos.

The writers at the Augusta Genealogy and Local History Blog just reported that planning has begun to transfer the Georgia Archives to the University of Georgia system. Good news for researchers, I hope.

The new conferences keep a-comin’, proving that genealogy is a growing industry. Your Genetic Genealogist just announced that a DNA and Genetic Genealogy conference will be held in conjunction with the Southern California Genealogy Jamboree in June of this year. Looks like there will be a whole passel of good speakers, too, so those of y’all attending the Jamboree are in for a real treat.

The Board for Certification of Genealogists has a new blog, BCG SpringBoard: News and Notes. Great news for us all!

Finally, a touching story out of the Midwest. A Detroit couple found World War II love letters, photos, and discharge papers while remodeling their home. Let’s hope an interested family member who will take care of these precious documents steps forward.

2 Comments to “A Sunday Walk Around the Blogs”

  1. Thanks for your Sunday lists of great genealogy blogs. I don’t have time to peruse them all myself, and I appreciate someone summarizing the best of the best.

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