A Sunday Walk Around the Blogs

The past couple of weeks have brought some interesting and informative articles and posts.

Elizabeth Shown Mills has released three new QuickLessons on Evidence Explained, the companion web site to her book by the same name: QuickLesson 12: Chasing an Online Document into Its Rabbit Hole, QuickLesson 13: Classes of Evidence–Direct, Indirect & Negative, and QuickLesson 14: Petitions–What Can We Do with a List of Names?. If you’re not studying these QuickLessons, you’re losing out on an excellent (and free!) educational opportunity, presented by one of genealogy’s leading minds.

Michael Hait has posted on two important topics this past week, The most important thing you can ever prove, about discovering, sorting out, and proving identity, and Genealogical fallacies in logic. Both are excellent tutorials on how to avoid pitfalls in our analyses.

Harold Henderson, one of genealogy’s best writers, has a new article available on Archives called Why We Don’t Write, and How We Can, in which he reminds us that researching is only part of the battle.

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