Now Available: Slave Importation Affidavit Registers for Nine Georgia Counties, 1818 – 1847

I’m very pleased to announce the publication of an important resource for Georgia researchers. Slave Importation Affidavit Registers for Nine Georgia Counties, 1818 – 1847 contains abstracts of affidavits recorded in distinct volumes or sections of volumes for Camden County, Columbia County, Elbert County, Franklin County, Jackson County, Jasper County, Morgan County, Pulaski County, and Wilkes County.

The registers for Richmond County will be published in a future, stand-alone volume because of the large number of affidavits recorded there.

These affidavits were created as the result of a December, 1817, Georgia law requiring all persons bringing slaves into the state to register with a county court. As an example of the range of data found in these records, see my previous post transcribing three Oglethorpe County affidavits. Information mentioned could include not just the name, age, and occupation of the slaves, but also the place of origin (usually generalized, e.g. South Carolina) and familial connections.

Two indexes were created to assist researchers in using the text, the first a Surname and Place Index, and the second a Slave/Master Index. I caution researchers to read the entire section for their county of interest, as some slaves were claimed to have been introduced by different people.

For those interested, here is a select list of places mentioned, other than the nine primary counties: Alabama, Appling Co., GA, Charles Co., MD, Florida (the territory), Person Co., NC, Charleston, SC, Virginia, Warren Co., GA, Washington Co., GA, Wayne Co., GA, Wilkerson Co., MS.

Slave Importation Affidavit Registers for Nine Georgia Counties, 1818 – 1847 is an 8″ x 10″ paperback, with 104 + x pages, and was published by Bone Diggers Press. The retail price is currently $14.99. To purchase a copy, please visit the book’s eStore. In about a week, this volume will also be available through

6 Responses to “Now Available: Slave Importation Affidavit Registers for Nine Georgia Counties, 1818 – 1847”

  1. Congratulations! Are these the records we were talking about last June?

    • Yup! Part of them, at least. The vast majority of the extant registers were created in Richmond County (Augusta). I hope to compile those into a separate volume, but it’ll take a while to finish.

      I do so appreciate your help, and mentioned it in the acknowledgments. One of the great things about the genealogy field, I feel, is that people are so willing to help when help is needed.🙂

      • I’m going to buy a copy of this one, but let me know when you get to the Richmond County ones. I have a couple of families in Augusta who received slaves from Maryland families. Big project–remind me and I’ll tell you about it sometime.


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