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November 22, 2012

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

Bernard of Chartres used to say that we are like dwarfs on the shoulders of giants, so that we can see more than they, and things at a greater distance, not by virtue of any sharpness of sight on our part, or any physical distinction, but because we are carried high and raised up by their giant size.
–John of Salisbury, Metalogician, 1159 (via Wikipedia)

A sincere and heartfelt Thank you! to all those who have helped me during the past year, either through questions directly answered, or through your individual publications, message board posts, mailing list responses, lectures, seminars, classes, and discussion. I am fortunate enough to know many giants who readily lend their shoulders.

Many thanks also to those who have lent support in other ways, whether through purchases of books, requests for lectures or research, publishing articles, exchanging ephemera, or through friendship and kindness.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!