Amanuensis Monday: “Sillah” Walker Binds Out Her Son, Warren, 1877, Morgan Co., GA

An 1877 Indenture of Apprenticeship between Sillah Walker and Peter “P. G.” Walker, both of Morgan County, Georgia, binding Sillah’s son, Warren, aged nine, to Peter. Notice the amount of detail about Sillah, her family, and their circumstances contained in this document.

Note: When transcribing, I added space between the paragraphs and slightly changed other formatting of the original to make the whole easier to read.

State of Georgia, County of Morgan

The following instrument is an Indenture of apprenticeship, made and entered into this the 27th day of October, 1877, between Sillah Walker, Cold, of Said County and State of the one part and Peter Walker, also of Said County and State, of the other part.

The Said Sillah Walker, being the mother of five children, to wit, Mattie, Warren, Lucy, Gracy and an Infant, not yet named, all of whom are still young and, together, form a burden rather than a help to her, her husband having deserted her, she having no property and no one to assist her in the maintainance of her family, is desirous of binding out her minor Son Warren, afore-named, aged nine years, to the aforesaid Walker, under the authority in her vested so to do by Section 1875 of the “Code of Georgia, 1873.”

1st Therefore, it is agreed by and between the parties, to this Indenture that the aforesaid Warren, he consenting, be and he is hereby bound out to the Said Peter Walker from this time until he (Warren) arrives at the age of Twentyone years.

2 Sed[?], The Said Peter Walker agrees to maintain, protect, and humanely treat the Said Warren and in governing him to use only the same degree of force to compel his obedience as a father may use with his minor child, to teach him the business of Husbandry, and habits of Industry, honesty, and morality; to cause him to be taught to read English; and in finse[?] to perform all the several relations and duties required of a master by the law in this case provided.

3thd The Said Sillah Walker agrees, in consideration of this undertaking on the part of the Said Peter Walker to relinquish all claims to the services of her said Son as well as all her legal control over his person, to do nothing whatever to thwart the carrying out of this contract but rather to exercise her influence in securing to the Said Walker all advantages legally accruing to him under it by urging her son to obedience and faithfulness in the discharge of his various duties as the legally bound Apprentice of the Said Walker.

4th It is understood by the parties to this Indenture that all the provisions of the law as to the reciprosul duties of master and Servant, Contained in the First Article of the 4th Chap., Title 2, Parh,1 2, “Code of Ga, 1873,” and applicable to this contract shall have full force and operations in the carrying out of this Indenture of Apprenticeship.

Witness our hands and seals the day & year above written. Sillah her x mark Walker {L. S.}. P. G. Walker {L. S.}.

Signed & sealed in presence of H. W. Baldwin. T. B. Baldwin, Ordinary.

This contract was read over to and in the presence of Sillah Walker, who signed it after hearing it read. H. W. Baldwin. T. B. Baldwin, Ordinary M. C.

Source: Morgan County, Georgia, Indenture of Apprentices, 1866 – 1877: 20-21; Probate Court, Madison; Georgia Department of Archives and History micropublication 41/45 (RH 1758).

* * * * *

1. Paragraph.

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