Hiram Dillingham’s Gifts to Three Grandchildren, 1859

While researching land records in Rabun County for the Dillingham family, I found three deeds of gift from Hiram Dillingham to three grandchildren. Only one of these was listed in the deed record’s index (that is, the index for the volume of deeds in which these were recorded). None were listed in the General Index to Deeds and Mortgages. I found all three by searching the pages before and after the one deed that was indexed. All were dated 23 November 1859, witnessed by Emily Bleckley and James Bleckley, JIC (Justice of the Inferior Court), and were recorded 4 January 1860 in Deed Record F Rabun Co. on pages 53 and 54.

The first gift was to Hiram’s grandson, James M. Dillingham, “for and in consideration of the Love and Respect which I have and bear to my Grand Son…” The property given is described as:

one bay filly with dark mane and Tale Slvr in here four head and left-hand foot which Two years old next Spring

The second gift was from Hiram to a granddaughter, Mary A. Dillingham, “for and In consideration of the sum of love and Respect which I have and bear to my Grand daughter…” Mary received:

one Red & white muly Cow named Pink and her two Calves one a Two year old past heifer Called poney the other a bull Two years old next Spring with there Increase

The final gift was from Hiram “for and In consideration of the Love and Respect I have and bear to my Grandughter [sic]” Marthy J. Dillingham, who received:

one Peilin[?] Cow named Whiface and known as James Cow and here [sic] Two Calves with There Increas

Pretty interesting!

Hiram was enumerated in 1860 in the household of John and Polly Dillingham, who lived in the Valley section of Rabun County, along with John and Polly’s apparent children Robert, James, Jane, John W., Alfred B., Mary A., and Hiram.1 It’s possible the three grandchildren named in the above deeds of gift were also found in this household in 1860.

What I really have to wonder is if Hiram was playing favorites, or if he gave all his grandchildren gifts but only these three were recorded? Perhaps a further search in land records will yield additional gifts.

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1. John Dillingham household, 1860 US census, Rabun County, Georgia, Valley, pages 32 and 33, dwelling 229, family 229; NARA micropublication M653, roll 134.

2 Responses to “Hiram Dillingham’s Gifts to Three Grandchildren, 1859”

  1. I have been researching the Dillingham family worldwide for just over 29 years, so please to come across this. We are still trying to prove one relationship to Hiram and maybe one day we will have the answer. It has always seemed to me that the conjectural link I have established would be easy to confirm – now how many times have you heard that before! LOL

    Thank you for posting the note above

    Dave Dillingham Wiltshire – Peterborough, England


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