Expert Connect at an End announced today that it will be discontinuing its Expert Connect services on 18 March 2011.

No reasons were stated for closing the popular intermediary services connecting researchers to clients.

Addendum: 25 January 2011

Genealogist Paula Stuart-Warren sums up my feelings, and the feelings of many other professional genealogists, about Ancestry’s abrubt cessation of its Expert Connect services in discontinues Expert Connect.

And this article by Thomas MacEntee puts Ancestry’s recent business moves into perspective.

2 Comments to “Expert Connect at an End”

  1. There is another option for people needing to locate a professional researcher for their projects or for genealogists looking to find work. The concept is very much like’s Expert Connect but was actually in place BEFORE Expert Connect.

    Please Check out Genealogy Freelancers at:

  2. Dear Jessica,

    Thank you for dropping by.

    Another recommended service is GenLighten (

    Paula Stuart-Warren’s post, above, also gives direction to those in need of a professional genealogist’s services.


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