FGS 2010 Conference, Day 1

Just to clarify before I start this post, yesterday was the unofficial start of the FGS conference with the Association of Professional Genealogist‘s Professional Management Conference (APG PMC). I did not attend that, so today is the first day of the conference for me.

And as it happens, today was also the “focus on societies” day, with a wide variety of classes offered that were geared toward historical and genealogical societies. I attended five clases:

  1. Firing Up the Next Generation of Genealogists! (Chuck Knuthson Memorial Lecture) presented by Julie Miller, CG
  2. Developing a Society Website and Blog: Technical Issues by Amy Johnson Crow, CG
  3. Tips for Planning a Successful Seminar by Jana Sloan Broglin, CG
  4. Organizing Your Society’s Library and Archives by Lori Thornton, MLS
  5. Magnify the Reach and Impact of Your Society’s Expertise by Diane C. Loosle, AG, CG1

After the last class, I had the privilige of being involved in a lengthy discussion with Ms. Loosle, Paul Milner, J. Mark Lowe, and a young woman whose name I never caught about the FamilySearch Wiki, the focus of that particular class. Mr. Milner and Mr. Lowe were guest speakers during that lecture, and it was interesting to hear their perspectives on the FamilySearch Wiki, how it works, and how it can aid societies and individuals in building a community of knowledge.

The day ended with an outdoor supper, and a performance by Sheila K. Adams and her son Andrew. Mrs. Adams is a balladeer and story teller. Her down home stories, taken from her own life and lives of generations past, are a bittersweet reminder of a way of life that has nearly been trampled out by modern “progress” and movement of native families out of the mountain areas.

Tomorrow: a lecture by the renowned Elizabeth Shown Mills, and the National Genealogical Conference luncheon.

* * * * *

1. The postnomials defined: CG = Certified Genealogist (earned through the Board for Certification of Genealogists); AG = Accredited Genealogist (earned through ICAPGen); MLS = Masters of Library Science, also sometimes seen as MLIS (Masters of Library and Information Science).


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