Step by Step #3: Pickett Cemetery, Clayton, GA

In our first two looks at the Roy and Hattie (James) Teague family, we examined their 1930 US census enumeration, their marriage certificate, and Roy’s obituary. In today’s post, we will visit Pickett Cemetery, where Roy was buried1.

After reading Roy’s obituary naming his burial spot, I double checked the cemetery’s burials by heading over to the USGenWeb Archives’ holdings for Rabun County. Several years back, Bill and Elaine English were kind enough to survey most of Rabun County’s burial grounds and place them online for others to use; their survey of Pickett Cemetery included Roy as well as a couple of other familiar Teagues, namely Lina and Louie. While the online surveys are a great tool, we should also visit the cemetery to see if we can glean any other information from the layout of the graves, and from the tombstones themselves.

And indeed, our visit paid off. In the third row from the back of the cemetery, beginning in the middle and going to the right, was a row of stones memorializing various members of the Teague family, with Roy’s stone in the center:

From left to right in the picture: Lina H. Teague; C. C. and Faye T. Barron; Roy Teague; Paul C. Teague; and Louie and Fannie Q. Teague. Lina, C. C., and Faye’s graves were enclosed by a very low granite border, while Roy, Paul, Louie, and Fannie’s graves were enclosed by another low stone border.

As much as any other record we’ve enountered, the positioning of these graves tells us that these people were members of the same family. In addition, we can take the information we’ve found here and compare it to the information we already have to determine that the Roy Teague buried at Pickett Cemetery is, indeed, the man who married Hattie James in 1924, who was enumerated with her and three children in the 1930 US census next door to three of the people buried alongside him (Lina, Faye, and Louie), and whose obituary we found in a 1969 issue of the local paper.

These tombstones do raise one question: * Who was the Paul C. Teague buried between Roy and Louie? He was of an age to be a son of either man, but if so, which one? *

Are we ready to move backward to his parents’ generation? Not quite. There are still several things we need to do, including finding out what happened to Hattie and figuring out who all Roy’s children were, and whether Hattie was their mother or not.

For those who are interested, here are photos of the Teague family’s tombstones as found in Pickett Cemetery.

Lina H. Teague
Dec. 17, 1874
May 28, 1965

C. C. / Faye T.
Jan. 28, 1879 / Apr. 1, 1903
June 15, 1956 / Dec. 17, 1987

Roy Teague
May 8, 1900
June 7, 1969

Paul C. Teague
Jan. 13, 1937
June 13, 1967

Louie / Fannie Q.
Feb. 5, 1897 / Sept. 11, 1923
Feb. 23, 1982 / Sept. 25, 2009

* * * * *

1. Roy S. Teague obituary, The Clayton Tribune, Clayton, Georgia, 12 June 1969, page 1, column 6.

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