Tombstone Tuesday: The Roberts Family at Cool Springs Methodist Church Cemetery, Habersham Co., GA

A recent trip through the backroads of Habersham County, Georgia, yielded this picture, one of several we took at the Cool Springs Methodist Church Cemetery. In the foreground is a row of stones set in memoriam to Jefferson D. and Sarah J. (Dean) Roberts and several of their kin, immediately behind a Sosebee family plot (the row with the Confederate battle flag). Some distance beyond (in the farther portion of the picture but somewhat in the center) lies Sally Roberts and her husband Thomas Church, who were buried just in front of another Sosebee family plot.

Jefferson D. Roberts, aka John D. Roberts, was the son of John J. and Sarah (Cole) Roberts. J. D.’s brother, William C. Roberts, is buried in the same row of this cemetery (marked by the taller obelisk shaped stone). At the end of the row, near William’s burial spot, is a small stone over the grave of Viander Roberts, son of J. D.’s brother Henry.

What connection Sally (Roberts) Church and the Sosebees have to this family is unknown at this time.

Cool Springs Methodist Church and its cemetery are located off of Highway 17 west of Clarkesville.

4 Comments to “Tombstone Tuesday: The Roberts Family at Cool Springs Methodist Church Cemetery, Habersham Co., GA”

  1. I am a great-grandson of JD Roberts and I am looking for information concerning JD and his parents. How did you make the connection between JD and John and Sarah Cole Roberts? Thank you

  2. J. D.’s death certificate, filed in GA, gives his parents’ names. The Georgia Department of Archives and History has placed Georgia death certificates from about 1917 to 1930 online through Georgia’s Virtual Vault. You can view a copy of J. D.’s at:

    When you click on that link, it will take you to a screen where you can choose death certificates numbered within a certain range. To see J. D.’s, scroll down the left-hand side of the page until you see the death certificate ending in 35241 and click on that link. If for some reason you cannot gain access to the certificate, e-mail me and I will mail a copy to you.

  3. Thank you so much for your help!

  4. Matt,

    Have you received the invitation I sent to view my online tree?


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