Nanny and Dad, 1945

Stella Martin Watson with son, Varney Watson, circa 1945

Stella Martin Watson with son, Varney, circa 1945

This picture is a poignant reminder of the loss of my grandfather, Thad J. Watson, Sr. (“Daddy Thad”), who died in August 1944 just a few months before my father’s birth later that year. My grandmother, whom we called Nanny, is wearing Daddy Thad’s wings on her left shirt pocket, and I believe the insignia on her left sleeve was also once part of my grandfather’s uniform.

Note: This post created in response to GeneaBloggers’ Weekly Genealogy Blogging Prompt #35: Share a photo that conjures mixed emotions in you. Explain why this is the case as you detail the who/what/when/where/why of the subject matter.

3 Responses to “Nanny and Dad, 1945”

  1. I enjoyed seeing this old photo and hearing the story that went along with it. Recently watched a BBC movie entitled “Almost Strangers”, it was about genealogy and family. During the movie it was said that every family has at least three great stories. I would think your grandmother Nanny raising your Dad alone after WWII was probably an interesting story. How touching to see her wearing the wing pin and insignia that was part of your grandfather’s uniform. The generation of your grandparents and mine was truly a special group of people.

    Enjoyed your blog, it appears you enjoy genealogy research as much as I do. I’m the county coordinator for Talbot County, Ga Gen Web project . I’ve transcribed many records from microfilm and posted them online in hopes of helping others. Once you begin genealogy research it seems you can never stop! It’s addicting! Best of luck with your research.


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