Tombstone Tuesday: Albert and Sarah Cragg

Albert Cragg, Powell Gap Cemetery, Rabun Co., GA

Albert Cragg
Born Apr. 23, 1844
Died May 6, 1936

Albert Cragg was the son of Ellis and Margaret (–?–) Cragg (sometimes Craig), who were both born in Burke Co., NC. Albert and several of his older siblings were born in Caldwell Co., NC, which was formed in 1841 from Burke and Wilkes Counties, NC. The family migrated to Rabun Co., GA in the mid- to late-1850s; many descendants of this family still reside within the county, some on land bought by Ellis and Margaret after their move here.

Sarah Cragg, Powell Gap Cemetery, Rabun Co., GA

Sarah Cragg
Born Apr. 14, 1848
Died Jan. 2, 1914

Sarah Shook and Albert Cragg were married October 5, 1865 by William E. Philyaw, Minister of the Gospel, in Rabun County.

Notice the hands holding one another on the top of each stone. One hand probably represented the deceased, while the other represented Jesus reaching down to lift the departed into Heaven.

Albert and Sarah were buried in Powell Gap Cemetery, which is off of Bridge Creek Road in Rabun Co., GA.

5 Responses to “Tombstone Tuesday: Albert and Sarah Cragg”

  1. if any body wants to see the ancestors of albert and sarah cragg go to rabun co.public libuary or historical society in clayon ga,

    • I’ve looked over the information found in the library. While information on the children of Ellis Cragg/Craig seems accurate, the information on him is not quite as reliable. For one, his name is *not* “John Ellis” Cragg. John Craig and Ellis Cragg (aka Craig) were two different men who settled in two different areas of the county. John Craig’s ancestry has been published in a book also located at the library in Clayton. He was from SC; Ellis was from NC. They had different wives, and different sets of children, and (again) they lived in different areas of Rabun County.

      I’m not sure how this confusion arose!

  2. can any body locate daniel cragg son of [ellis] and margaret cragg born 1854 in ga. married hannah l. carnes children andrew e.1878 elijah j. 1880 margarett 1884 sarah e. 1886 engeetine 1890 martin 1891 ray r. 1894 hannah is missing in1900 cesus rest of familey is missing after 1910 cesus

    [Note from Dawn: Edited at the request of the comment’s author.]


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