Shifting Priorities

A few of y’all might have noticed that I’ve only posted here infrequently over the past few months. Part of the reason is because I’m shifting my attention away from genealogy onto other things (more on that in a moment), and part of it is because since November 2013 I’ve been completely unable (for non-health related reasons) to get out and do research.

The “other things” I’m doing include refocusing my activities toward writing both non-fiction (genealogy) and fiction. In the past year, I’ve published Rabun County, Georgia, Writs, 1836 – 1859 (a book-length abstract of important historic court records), several articles for The Appalachiana, an article for the Georgia Genealogical Society Quarterly (on Georgia’s poor school records), and my first work of fiction.

The latter came about in kind of an odd way. Back in November, when I realized I wasn’t going to be able to get out to do research for a while, I started playing around with what has long been a dream of mine: writing a novel. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for decades, and the way I actually accomplished it was in many ways thanks to my skills as a non-fiction writer. The end result is The Prophecy, which I’ve self-published under the pseudonym Lucy Varna. The Prophecy isn’t really confined to a particular genre. Richard says it’s suspense with romantic elements, but I intended for it to be romantic suspense with paranormal elements (immortal women, a curse; sorry, but no vampires).

Even before I wrote started plotting (I use that word loosely) and writing The Prophecy, I’d been considering shifting my focus to more writing- and editing-related activities. It’s no secret that I’m pursuing certification through the BCG and that I’m trying to slowly establish myself as a serious academic genealogy author. Writing and publishing a novel doesn’t mean I’m leaving genealogy or those particular goals behind. It just means that I have more than one possible future path.

For now, I’m trying to juggle writing both non-fiction and fiction. The rest of my genealogy related activities are still in place, although they’re receiving less attention than I would like. I still can’t get out to do research (again, non-health related reasons) and I’m not taking on any new projects, unless something really interesting comes my way (in which case, I reserve the right to change my mind). One project I’d like to pursue and have been thinking seriously about is a historical faction (novel) set here in Rabun County. That’s a long story, and I’m not ready to reveal the details yet, but look for more information in a year or so.

In the meantime, I will try to find time to post more often here. I haven’t forgotten this blog; far from it. But my time is severely limited right now. I don’t see that changing anytime soon, but I will try to budget enough time each week for ye olde blogge.

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6 Comments to “Shifting Priorities”

  1. Time, the one thing we can’t buy or get more of…Congrats on the book, and good luck if you do a Rabun piece (just make sure to include the hunting exploits of the Hopper’s from the 1800’s lol (I remember these from sketches of Rabun Co. History))

  2. Kudos on publishing a novel! How can we get a copy?

  3. Congrats on the book, Dawn! I’m sure most of us share the same predicament when it comes to our blogs and competing priorities. I don’t write nearly as much these days, but with everything else on my plate, time is lacking, which is a shame since I have so much I want to write and share on my blog. Look forward to your wonderful posts…when you have time :)

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